Donate a Bag to A Community Garden

We started Now Organic Farms to reduce waste in the modern food economy, regenerate soil quality, and combat climate change. But these aren’t things that can, or should, be done alone.

Developing a network of gardeners and growers is fundamental to how we think change can be achieved. So, we are partnering with local community groups to set up this initiative, where you can donate directly to a building or supporting a local community garden.

This is vital to allowing local groups to truly pursue regenerative agricultural practices, helping grow food and plants in a way that cares for their local environment and the world
at large.

To grow, we need to grow together.

Ways to donate

The Benefits

Ways to donate

The more we give to the soil is the more we will receive. Our key component in making the right soil is mixing organic matter such as fruits, vegetables, fall leaves and branches/mulch. With these essentials in our soil, we’ll be able to produce the best organic foods for you and your family to live quality lives.

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