Nutrient-Rich Compost


All product sales fund our vision to build and grow a more sustainable & low-carbon-footprint business. Proceeds also go towards soil research, equipment and cutting-edge innovations that will help us reduce or eliminate any negative outputs from going into the environment from the manufacturing of our compost. 15% of our profits also go towards supporting a local community Garden.

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Each bag of fertilizer contains approximately 10 lbs of decomposed fruits and vegetables and 30 lbs of dried leaves and or mulch or other organic material.

All that rich, organic matter has the natural power to enrich your soil, providing a nutrient-dense environment for healthy-growing plants.

  • Potent natural soil means there’s no need for artificial fertilizers or harsh chemicals. Protect our environment from chemical run-offs or the need for GMOs.
  • Naturally charged super soil means that you can reduce your water usage, as the nutrient-rich soil retains water more efficiently.
  • Nutrient-heavy soil provides greater yields that grow faster and are more nutritious.
  • We invest 15% of all our profits into building and supporting local community gardens. This means every bag you buy is directly supporting grassroots growers.

Our compost is more sustainable, more efficient, and healthier for you and for the environment. Buy a bag today and know that every purchase directly helps regenerate the Earth’s damaged soils and combat climate change.

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Nutrient-Rich Compost
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